SQL Table

SQL Table

SQL Table is a collection of data organized in terms of rows and column. Table is the simple form of data storage. A table is also considered as a convenient representation of relations.

Let’s see an example of a teacher table:


SQL Table Variable

The SQL Table variable is used to create, modify, rename, copy and delete tables. Table variable was introduced by Microsoft. It was introduced with SQL server 2000 to be an alternative of temporary tables. It is a variable where we temporary store records and results. This is same like temp table but in the case of temp table we need to explicitly drop it.

Table variables are used to store a set of records. So declaration syntax generally looks like CREATE TABLE syntax.

create table “tablename”
(“column1” “data type”,
“column2” “data type”,

“columnN” “data type”);

When a transaction rolled back the data associated with table variable is not rolled back.

A table variable generally uses lesser resources than a temporary variable.

Table variable cannot be used as an input or an output parameter.